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About failing and being wrong…

Only who fails and learn from it can succeed. Don’t fear to fail. this video explains you that there is nothing wrong in.. being wrong and failing

Which are your biggest stones?

I want to share a story I’ve hear and that made a so huge impression in my life regarding priorities: ————– A teacher entered the class and went to the desk. She showed to the students a pot with stones in it. She asked: “Is it full?”. Students answered “Yes […]


“Leadership” can be interpreted in many ways. And there are many jokes about “so called” leaders that “lead” a team to a success… The only way I know to be a leader is to be in front, in the middle of the ¬†activity, taking all the responsibilities and showing trough […]

General rules of life apply also to business… Isn’t it strange?

a quote about business that is just a common habit everybody should have with anybody else…

Book – I think too much

Some people have a right side of the brain more¬†influential in the “stream of consciousness” than normal; they are able to think in a rather peculiar way connecting elements of everyday’s life that other people do not normally connect. I love the example “What is the color of the word […]


teamworking is a matter of trust and communality of objectives…


teamwork is helping others when they need and do more than expected to get a common result. It is like being on a boat and rowing all together, if your mates can’t afford the effort for a while, you compensate, the other will do the same with you later on…

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