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Statistics about Olympic medal rankings

Every 4 years I’m looking at the Olympics medal standings and I every time I think how the rankings are influenced by geo-political issues, relative power of countries, specific location of an Olympics edition and so on. I decided to take a closer look to statistics and analyze them with […]

About failing and being wrong…

Only who fails and learn from it can succeed. Don’t fear to fail. this video explains you that there is nothing wrong in.. being wrong and failing

Which are your biggest stones?

I want to share a story I’ve hear and that made a so huge impression in my life regarding priorities: ————– A teacher entered the class and went to the desk. She showed to the students a pot with stones in it. She asked: “Is it full?”. Students answered “Yes […]

The Art of forecasting

I wrote a short article about forecasting process and its organizational implications. My point is about the relationship between Finance and Business Managers. A way to see this relationship is to think at it in terms of “game theory“. This approach allows framing in terms of well known situations as for example, […]


“Leadership” can be interpreted in many ways. And there are many jokes about “so called” leaders that “lead” a team to a success… The only way I know to be a leader is to be in front, in the middle of the  activity, taking all the responsibilities and showing trough […]

Effective communication

The most important thing about communications is to understand what is not said. – Peter Drucker

how to prioritize?

everyday we are overwhelmed by task, duties, responsibilities and deadlines, we need some mental tool to lead our activities in the best, more efficient and more effective way: a very simple mental model to decide in any moment what to do is this matrix:   

General rules of life apply also to business… Isn’t it strange?

a quote about business that is just a common habit everybody should have with anybody else…

Leadership approach

I firmly believe in the following sentence: the role of a leader is to make the others succeed and advancing. It is so great and amazing to see people you trust get success and be recognized.

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