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Statistics about Olympic medal rankings

Every 4 years I’m looking at the Olympics medal standings and I every time I think how the rankings are influenced by geo-political issues, relative power of countries, specific location of an Olympics edition and so on. I decided to take a closer look to statistics and analyze them with […]

how heavy is 1.000.000 banknotes of 1$?

Another funny question to be used in an interview to check how a candidate is able to think out of the box… Do you want to know the answer? A million of dollars is a ton of money…

How long is 1,000,000 seconds?

95% of the people think that 1,000,000 seconds is a lot of time, so:    I will test news candidates with this question to understand their mental agility with numbers. If you do the same, please provide a feedback so that we can build a simple statistics….

Reblog: Why Do We Seek Labels?

Interesting article to help thinking different and not accepting to be labeled in Platonic categories. By the way if you ask me what am I, I did the exercise, I can answer, unless in the moment in which you ask I’m different… How is it that a generation raised on […]

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