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Book – I think too much

Some people have a right side of the brain more influential in the “stream of consciousness” than normal; they are able to think in a rather peculiar way connecting elements of everyday’s life that other people do not normally connect. I love the example “What is the color of the word […]

How long is 1,000,000 seconds?

95% of the people think that 1,000,000 seconds is a lot of time, so:    I will test news candidates with this question to understand their mental agility with numbers. If you do the same, please provide a feedback so that we can build a simple statistics….

Why a central bank hates a safe haven – Exchange rates simply explained

Nice video to explain the Economic Crisis and the Exchange rates (also known as FX rates) evolution from a Swiss perspective. Source: Swissinfo.ch Let’s have a look at the CHF-EURO exchange rate: Source www.xe.com It is rather clear that the quantity of money that EURO and USD brought in Switzerland is enormous […]

Change Management

In order to have a change, to produce something new, to launch a new business or a new product you need 5 things: Vision: you’ve to know where you will be after the change has happened: even more clear: you have to know how the world has changed because of […]

Try, try, try and… try again

The only way to succeed is to try, fail and then try again Success may be just after the next failure…. never give up!


teamworking is a matter of trust and communality of objectives…

continuous improvement

the only way to live and be happy is to contunue learning and teaching others what you’ve learnt. I want to learn new stuff everyday of my life. the only way is to search for new challanges every day. happy life is contunuous improvement. 

Reblog: Why Do We Seek Labels?

Interesting article to help thinking different and not accepting to be labeled in Platonic categories. By the way if you ask me what am I, I did the exercise, I can answer, unless in the moment in which you ask I’m different… How is it that a generation raised on […]

things to do…

a list of attitudes and activities to perform everyday to enjoy better life

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