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Which are your biggest stones?


I want to share a story I’ve hear and that made a so huge impression in my life regarding priorities:


A teacher entered the class and went to the desk.

She showed to the students a pot with stones in it.

She asked: “Is it full?”. Students answered “Yes it is”.

The teacher took two big stones from the floor. Clearly the two big stones could not fit in the pot.. but she emptied the pot and she put inside the two big stones as first thing and then she was able to put inside again the small stones in the empty space.

Now the stones reached the rim of the pot. She asked again: “Is it full?”.

The students answered again, “well, yes it is”.

The teacher took again from the floor a sandbag and put the sand inside the pot. The sand was able to fit in the little spaces between the stones and she was able to put all the sand in it.

She asked again: “Is it full?”.

The students started understanding… “No it is not full yet…”

The teacher took a glass of water and poured the water inside the pot.


What is the moral of the story?
You can find many interpretations and many jokes on it. My personal thinking is that you should put most important things first in your life, everything else will fit as a consequence. If you, instead, get distracted by small things and lose sight the most important ones, well, you will lose them.

Think about the one or two most important things in your life and strive for them. All the rest will follow.

Maybe success is not is getting more money or recognition, maybe success is in getting the big stones in the correct place. whatever they are.

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