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Statistics about Olympic medal rankings

Every 4 years I’m looking at the Olympics medal standings and I every time I think how the rankings are influenced by geo-political issues, relative power of countries, specific location of an Olympics edition and so on.

I decided to take a closer look to statistics and analyze them with the usual statistical tools such as “R”. It comes out a rather interesting scenario that I tried to describe in this white paper:



Moreover this allows me to predict the number of medals countries will win in the next editions of Olympics. I will focus specifically on the countries that hosted and will host the most recent Olympics editions.

here my prediction:

My predictions for 2020 Olympics edition:

  • Great Britain: 40 medals
  • Brazil: 12 medals
  • Japan:65 medals

01.09.2016, here undersigned,

Andrea Terzaghi

I will return in 4 years to verify this prediction, to learn from my errors and to do a new prediction for the following Olympics.

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