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Change Management

In order to have a change, to produce something new, to launch a new business or a new product you need 5 things:

  • Vision: you’ve to know where you will be after the change has happened: even more clear: you have to know how the world has changed because of your activity.
  • Skills: You must be able to execute the activity that are needed for the change to happen
  • Incentive: you must be willing to change, you should have some return if it is successful
  • Resource: you must have the needed resources to make it happen, time, money, people, tools, machinery,and so on.
  • Action plan: you have clearly to tell people what’s going to happen next before, to clearly identify the needed steps, to clearly identify the possible issues and how to react to them, and normally the “action plan” considers a contingency plan or a “Plan B”

It is interesting to see what is the usual outcome if any of the required elements is missing:



.. of course if you miss 2, you will be sure that your outcome is simply “no change”….

Credits: Marco Donadelli – Thanks for the image.

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