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Book – I think too much


Some people have a right side of the brain more influential in the “stream of consciousness” than normal; they are able to think in a rather peculiar way connecting elements of everyday’s life that other people do not normally connect. I love the example “What is the color of the word Tuesday?”. For many people this is a nonsense, for some it is a natural question and they have a clear and prompt answer. Of course there are many grades of “right side”-ness but those who are lucky enough to experiment it, well, they just think differently.

There is an amazing video about this situation in TED: it is an amazing story of a scientist who had the left side of the brain “silenced” for a while

Looks like that this attitude is more common that what is currently thought. It is important to understand if your interlocutor has this attitude to create empathy, move on the same wavelength and ultimately create a strong relationship that is fundamental even for business purposes (create team working,  complete successfully a negotiations and so on).

The book is well written and easy to read for who knows French of course. You can buy it directly from Amazon in paperback and Kindle format here:

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